Portland's Tribute to The Cure

we submit to you the recording of our final show. thank you to blue heron for doing this for us. 

all you're missing from the video is the feel of the bass, the electric emotion in the room, the smells and the sweat, the heart, the soul, and the taste of heartbreak.

but hey, you get to hear and see it? two out of five senses is better than none, right?




a sincere thank you for a whirlwind weekend.

to eugene and ghost house, thank you for having us. it is pleasure to watch your scene mature, develop, and otherwise be kind. 

to portland... what can i say. i'm crying just thinking about it. you have been home to us for almost 20 years. that tearful goodbye, the moments we shared... all will be cherished. thank you the wonder ballroom for always being the best hosts. you will be missed.

to bad juju and devoured by flowers: what an honour. i wish bad juju had started 10 years ago so we could have ruled the (goth) world together!

we're going to try to use this space in the future for merchandise, videos, and a litany of history. so, keep up with us if you can on facebook and instagram, and we'll try to get this stuff out to you. an etsy shop is in the works.

thank you again. 

with fondest love,