Portland's Tribute to The Cure

after 19 years, we are distintegrated. our long-standing line-up consisting of viktor nova on keys and backing vocals, michelle pecchia on bass, daniel henderson on drums, tony kalhagen on guitar, and thedrowningman on vocals/bass vi/keyboards/drums/percussion has sunset. tonyhas moved overseas and viktor and michelle's band the secret light has been a runaway success (check them out, by the way, they're amazing). 

in the wake of this accidental disintegration, thedrowningman has called on members of past incarnations to put together our first (and maybe last?) reunion show. this lineup consists of:

  • george lewis iii (keyboardist from 2002-2003, bassist/singer for hawks do not share)

  • rune ferling (bassist for thedrowningman's other project this twilight orchestra)

  • gino mari (singer/guitarist from 2001-2003, who left to start the gentry who is currently active again after a hiatus)

  • daniel henderson (drummer 2007-2019, now an active member of devoured by flowers)

  • ashkelon sain (guitarist from 2003 and 2010-2014, now in devoured by flowers as well)

  • thedrowningman (drummer 1999-2003, vocalist 2003-2019, keyboardist 2005-2007, bass vi 2016-2018)

we will be playing two final shows.

"it has been a pleasure playing for you. my heart and soul has been with this band and this has been a dream of mine since i was eleven. the camraderie and belonging i have felt with these people is immeasurable; they are my family.

thank you for making it worth the effort. you have been an eXtraordinary audience. may your prayers for rain always be answered."